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Professional Investor Fund

The Professional Investor Fund has been superseded by the Specialist Fund.

The Collective Investment Schemes (Legacy) Regulations 2010 means that no new Professional Investor Funds can be established however existing funds may continue.

Professional Investor Funds are subject to the Financial Supervision (Professional Investor Fund) (Exemption) Order 1999. It should be noted that this subordinate legislation made under the Financial Supervision Act 1988 continues to have effect as if it was made under the relevant provisions of the CIS Act.

For legislation or published guidance notes applicable to Professional Investor Funds please return to the All Funds page and click on the appropriate tab on the left of the page or click on the following links: Legislation or Guidance.

For forms applicable to Professional Investor Funds, here is a link to the webpage: Forms.



1What are the ongoing submission requirements for Professional Investor Funds?

Where a material amendment such as changes to the scheme or parties to a Professional Investor Fund, the administrator should submit a notification and alteration form via the Authority’s online portal ( within 10 working days of the fund alteration. This details what changes have been made to the fund.

In addition, the following notifications are required on an ongoing basis:

  • Quarterly statistical information must be provided within 15 business days of each quarter end (March, June, September and December);
  • Pricing Errors more than 0.5% of the price of the unit must be notified immediately and all errors must be notified on a quarterly basis with the statistical information.

Forms applicable to Professional Investor Funds please click here.

2What is the process for de-registration of a Professional Investor Fund?

Notification of cessation is required within 10 working days of closure or within 10 working days of the date the fund entered into liquidation. The Authority considers the date of scheme cessation as the date liquidators are appointed, although we do retain an interest in the funds.