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In April 2015, Treasury re-affirmed the intended merger of the Financial Supervision Commission (‘the Commission’) and the Insurance and Pensions Authority ('IPA') with the aim of delivering enhanced capabilities, consistency of regulatory approach and efficiencies. The merger resulted in establishment of the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (‘the Authority’).

The Commission and the IPA were constituted under separate legislation and in some cases adopted differing approaches in the creation and implementation of their regulatory regimes. However, the core principles underpinning both methods of operation have much in common. Where differences currently exist, the Authority will work to develop a unified approach (where appropriate) to ensure that the Authority meets its regulatory objectives as prescribed.

Whilst this work progresses, applicants, or prospective applicants seeking guidance, procedures or information in respect of the application process specific to the regulated activity to which the application relates, are able to access this information via the links to the left of this page.